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Anthony Avery

Stony Point Wawayanda Lodge 313 Guild does not forget our veterans.

Veterans and Officers of the “Rockland Homes For Heroes” Carl Dornbush, Tom Micelli and John Allen Murphy are seen here accepting a check from W∴Bob Kolb and R∴W∴Murry Cohen of Stony Point Wawayanda Lodge 313 “Guild” for $1000.00.

Rockland Homes For Heroes is a not for profit 501c3 charity dedicated to building and operating housing for homeless veterans.


On December 21, 2016 SPW #313  held a years of service award night. It was an amazing night with over 30+ people present to share in the festivities. We had a total of 16 people getting awards and 10 brothers came to collect them. Although ever award was special the 2, 50 year members was the most special. The dedication and commitment these brothers have giving over 50 years is simply amazing. I only hope I can follow in their footsteps and give 50+ years of good service to such a wonderful craft. Thank you to all the brothers, District Deputy and guest who attended.

WM:. Anthony J. Avery



We have a few brothers who will be receiving 50/40/30/25/10/5 year awards. So please come out and support their wonderful service to the craft.

50 Years:
W:. Ray Heim
W:. Fred Schaper

40 Years:  
Bro. Dennis Gabriel

30 Years:
Bro. Stephen Saunders

25 Years: 
Bro. Robert Joyce

10 Years: 
W:. Angelo Martinez
W:. Thomas Lorentz
W:. Louis Bonito
W:. Thomas Nervegna
Bro. Erick Tidal, Jr

5 Years: 
W:. Michael Gaeta
WM:. Anthony J Avery
Bro. Ivan Cananan
Bro.James Vittoria
Bro.  Dominick Avery
Bro. Frank Allegro

November 7, 2016

Dear Brothers,

I am sending this communication to inform all our members of the business that will be
discussed at our December 7th meeting. A few Brothers would like to make a presentation
revolving around the rodeo. Once the presentation is done a civil discussion will follow. After
the discussion the lodge will close and the Secretary and I will put together a brief summary
which we will then mail out, informing all the brothers of the outcome of the meeting. This
should provide ample time for our brothers to think over the presentation before our
December 21st meeting. I will then read the summary during our Dec. 21st meeting. There will
be no further discussion. If a motion is called then a vote will take place. If the vote turns out to
be a NO, it will not be brought up again while I am Master.

Thank you for your time.

Yours in the Faith,
WM:. Anthony J. Avery

Cemetery Questionnaire

To; Brothers of SPW#313
From; Cemetery Committee
Ralph Edwards chairman

In an effort to distribute our Cemetery plots in a fair and equitable way. We
asking you to fill out and return this small questionnaire. By any of the
following method;

1) email(preferred)
2) US postal mail, Stony Point Wawayanda Lodge, Box 51, Tappan, N.Y.10983
3) Telephone; 845-356-6184 (Ralph Edwards #) and leave message your
telephone #. Your call will be returned. If we have no reply within by Nov.
30th we will assume you have no interest will proceed without your input.
But please remember that this is your Lodge and we would appreciate your
reply. Either way.

1) I would like to be considered for a plot please keep me informed, my
preference is;

A) Mount Repose, Haverstraw, N.Y
B) Rockland Cemetery, Tappan N.Y.

2)Not interested in having a plot, will be making my own arrangements.


The rodeo fundraiser was a complete success.  Thank You to Brother Tom Lorentz and Ralph Edwards for organizing this event and a big thank you to all all volunteers who made this happen. Bro John Conklin. Marc Eskridge, Bob Kolb, Tom Nervegna, Bob Miller, Enrique Pabon, Fred Schapper, Rolf Schuetz, Bob Seaman III, Tom Sharkey, Bob Holstrom, And david Smith.

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blood drive




Click here to sign-up to donate at the Palisades Center on SEPT 10

Click here to learn how New York Blood Center Works!

 For information concerning donor eligibility, please click on the applicable topic below:


 Medical conditions, Travel restrictions, Medication restrictions, Permission Form for 16 year old donors

 Each time you donate blood, you will receive Donor Advantage points redeemable for a wide variety of exciting gifts. For more information, visit

Thanks for being a donor.  


Yours in the Craft,
WM:. Anthony J Avery

Thank you to all the brothers who volunteered to help out at the Eastern Star Flea Market.

Yours in the Faith,

WM:. Anthony J. Avery